Shares and Loot

  • Both shares (economic and voting rights) and loot (economic rights only) are now ERC-20 tokens
  • This creates full composability and compatibility with ERC20-based apps and protocols (E.g. token-gating, etc.)
  • The DAO can toggle on or off transferability for shares and loot independently (off = permissioned DAO a la Moloch V2)
  • Full support for vote delegation a la Compound Governor
  • Full support for vote with signature a la Compound Governor

Removed Pull pattern

  • Sending frunds through a proposal no longer requires a second step of the receiver 'withdrawing' funds
  • Ragequit no longer requires a second step of the member 'withdrawing' funds

Shamans and Extensibility

  • Shamans are external contracts that the DAO can approve for special permissions
  • Manager shamans can mint/burn shares and loot without a DAO proposal -- this enables a brand new design space for DAO formation and governance (trustless onboarding, share staking, and much more)
  • Governor shamans can adjust governance parameters with out a DAO proposal (see below)
  • Admin Shamans can toggle share/loot transferability without a DAO proposal

Governance Parameters

  • All governance parameters are now adjustable by the DAO (via proposal)
  • Also adjustable by a governor shaman, if established by the DAO

Flexible Proposals

  • Moloch v3 proposals have arbitrary execution, which means they can interact with any smart contract
  • This means that DAOs no longer have to move funds into a Minion (breaking ragequit) in order to take, say, DeFi actions
  • Proposals are multi-send compatible, which means multiple actions can be stacked together into a single proposal

Gnosis Safe

  • Using the Zodiac pattern, a Moloch v3 DAO can use a Gnosis Safe as its treasury
  • Supports all on-chain assets, including ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, veTokens, native coins, etc.
  • Enables compatibility with all of the Safe-based apps and tools
  • Facilitates easy "upgrade" from a multisig to a DAO
  • Migrate to another DAO framework without moving funds

Advanced Ragequit

  • Share- and loot-holders can now choose which tokens they want to receive when ragequitting
  • Removes the need for the DAO to approve (née "whitelist") tokens before receiving/spending them

Additional Features

  • Tribute Minion is a safe way for a new member to make a tribute to the dao for shares/loot
  • Onboarder Shaman allows permissionless onboarding into loot