Shaman Best Practice

Shaman Accounts

A Shaman is a separate contract that the DAO approves to make critical changes to the DAO outside of the proposal process. Any address (External owned accounts or contracts) can be approved by the DAO to have Shaman permissions.

Currently there is no real reason besides testing to use an EOA.

DAOs should be specifically careful when summoning with Shamans or voting in a new Shaman address that it is a verified and trusted contract.

All members should be aware of the active Shamans and what their purpose is.

For example: If an EOA is a Shaman with manager permissions they basically own the dao because they could unilaterally mint as many shares as they want.

Upgradability of Shamans

Because shamans are outside contracts they may use an upgrade pattern. The ownership (the account that can upgrade) of these contracts is especially important. If the Shaman has an owner that is not the DAO it could be upgraded to add malicious logic without the DAOs consent.