The proposal flow is similar to Moloch v2 albeit with a few small differences. In summary, all proposals are multi-call (as in, a proposal could trigger multiple actions if passed like transferring funds, minting shares, etc.) and include a time-boxed window for voting, followed by a time-boxed window for the grace period. The proposal flow is as follows:

1. Submission

A proposal must be first submitted for voting. DAOs can choose to require an offering to submit proposals to prevent spam (relevant on side-chains).

2. Sponsoring

For a proposal to go into voting, it must be sponsored by a current member. DAOs can specify the minimum number of membership shares required to sponsor a proposal. They can also setup "autosponsoring" in case a member satisfies the criteria of sponsoring a proposal.

3. Voting

After getting sponsored, the proposal goes into a voting period where members holding membership shares vote for or against the proposal.

4. Grace Period

After the voting period has elapsed, the proposal enters a grace period. The point of a grace period is allow objecting members to ragequit or allow the proposal sponsor to cancel the proposal.

5. Proposal is ready

After the grace period is over, the proposal is "ready" to be executed.

6. Proposal is executed

A member must execute the proposal once it's ready. Usually, the sponsor does so after a proposal is ready. The member triggering the execution of a ready proposal gets a small reward (from the amount that a sponsor has put up). The sponsor is refunded the amount they posted to sponsor the proposal (minus the reward given to the executor).

7. Post execution

After execution, the proposal enters the processed state. This could either be Processed (i.e. the proposal was executed successfully) or Defeated (i.e. the proposal did not pass). Additionally, the proposal can also be Cancelled (in cases of failed executed or if the manager shaman or sponsor cancels it in the grace period).


Proposals must be processed in the order they are voted on.


Note on Sponsor Threshold: A proposal can be sponsored by aby member with enough shares to meet the sponsor threshold. The member could then transfer their shares dropping their membership below the threshold. THis is odd because other members are voting on a proposal that was sponsored by a person that is no longer a member. If this situation does happen any member can cancel this proposals, but if no one cancels it it will continue like normal.